Stage 3: More flexible mobility, more services and new measures for commerce and hospitality

Stage 3: More flexible mobility, more services and new measures for commerce and hospitality

18/06/2020 - 10:10 h*

COVID-19. Travel is now possible between healthcare regions on the same stage and time slots for people of different ages have been eliminated.

As of Thursday, 18 June, we are in stage three of the lockdown exit process, with new measures coming into effect. Gatherings of up to twenty people are allowed, shops and restaurants will be able to increase their capacity and mobility between healthcare regions also on stage three will be permitted, without leaving the autonomous region.

As stage 3 of the lockdown exit process comes into effect in the Barcelona healthcare region, various measures are being introduced to increase people’s ability to get around, do away with time slots by age and boost commercial activity and hospitality in the city. The health recommendations on face masks, physical distancing and handwashing continue to apply.

Gatherings and walks

As from Thursday, groups of up to 20 people can meet up socially and it is now possible to go walking or do sport at any time of day. Even so, the recommendations on safety distances and the use of face masks still apply.

In an effort to encourage sustainable mobility, measures continue to be implemented to faciltate journeys on foot and by bike, with streets reserved for pedestrians, bike routes and the opening of large areas for people to walk in at weekends and on public holidays.

Children’s play areas will be open again from 19 June, with safety distances recommended, along with frequent handwashing and face masks when required.

Beaches and parks

The beaches remain open with prevention measures:

  • Beachgoers are advised to check how busy the beaches are before going there.
  • Access points to the beaches must be used.
  • Checks will be made to control capacity.
  • The lifeguard service operates from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.
  • The dog beach is open.

It is now possible to go to any park or gardens in the city to walk or do sport, respecting the physical distancing measures and in groups of no more than 20 people.

General mobility

Stage three means travel to other healthcare regions on the same stage is allowed, provided they are in the same autonomous region.


New measures now apply at bars and restaurants in the city, such as allowing customers to eat or drink at the bar. Capacity inside their premises now increases to 50%, with terraces allowed to use up to 75%. Restrictions still apply to buffet or self-service eating, which must use single rations and individual dishes. The health recommendations on physical distancing and face masks still apply and people are advised to make reservations.

Stage three of the lockdown exit process also allows night bars and discos to open with up to a third of their usual capacity, without no use of dance floors (tables may be set up instead).


Commercial establishments in the city can increase their capacity to 50% and must guarantee safety distances, the use of face masks and the rest of the health recommendations. Order collection points and preferential hours for the over-65s continue.

Open-air markets can also increase the number of stalls to 50% of the total.

At shopping centres, the maximum capacity allowed is 50% inside establishments and 40% in communal areas. Rest and recreation areas may now also be used.

Funeral wakes

Up to 50 people may now attend open-air wakes, compared to 25 indoors. In the case of burials or farewell ceremonies with cremations, 50 people can attend.


Some municipal sports facilities are now gradually opening to the public, with limitations such as no use of changing rooms and no contact sports. Gyms can operate up to 50% of their capacity and directed classes are also authorised.

Non-professional matches are also allowed with up to a third of capacity, and intermediate training for amateur leagues.

In addition, from 22 June the process will start to gradually re-open the 108 municipal sports facilities which were closed, with the corresponding safety and prevention measures to apply. For the moment, it’s possible to use some urban sports parks and specific outdoor facilities. You can find more information about the facilities open here.

Municipal services

With stage three coming into effect this week, various municipal services and facilities also resume their activity. Many of these have been operating services remotely during the lockdown.

  • Anti-sexism services: the two women’s information and support points (PIAD) in the districts of Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó are now open, in addition to the ones already open in Ciutat Vella, Eixample and Sants-Montjuïc. Appointments are necessary at all five for face-to-face support. Find out about all the municipal services aimed at women.
  • LGBTI Centre: on-site activity has resumed at the centre this week, with special hours and appointments. More information.
  • Community centres: 26 community centres and 2 cultural centres have re-opened this week and are providing information on their activities for the coming weeks. Another twenty will open from 22 June, bringing the number of facilities open to 80% in all.
  • Neighbourhood centres: after months of operating remotely, the neighbourhood centres of El Raval, La Vinya and the Ateneu El Poblet are gradually resuming their on-site activity.
  • Social services: face-to-face services with appointments and urgent services continue to operate at twenty social services during stage three. As from 22 June, all social services centres will be operating again, except for six which for the moment can’t guarantee distancing measures. (CSS Dreta, CSS Coll, CSS Parc Vila Olímpica, CSS Sant Gervasi, CSS Sagrada Família and CSS Gòtic).
  • Pet shelter (CAAB): face-to-face services have been reactivated with appointments and a capacity limit of 30%.

You can find full information on the lockdown exit measures and on municipal services and facilities which are active here.


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