The safe parking service for bicycles, Bicibox, is coming to the Barcelona metro

The safe parking service for bicycles, Bicibox, is coming to the Barcelona metro

21/07/2021 - 15:02 h*

Mobility and transport. The Bicibox service has been installed in Parc Logístic's metro station (L9 Sud) in the Zona Franca, the first of its kind in Barcelona, and in the Badalona Pompeu Fabra metro station (L2).

Bicibox is a free safe system installed in the metro which keeps space free for parking bicycles. The service is designed to encourage intermodalities between public transport and bicycles.

Barcelona has a new safe parking system for bicycles available, as of today, 21 July. Based in Parc Logístic Station (L9 Sud), Bicibox is a service launched by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and which has already extended to close to twenty municipalities in the metropolitan area.

The main purpose of the system is to facilitate intermodality between bicycles and Barcelona’s metro network, while also helping to speed up people’s change of habits towards a cleaner and more sustainable mobility, above all in the strategic locations lacking safe parking areas.

For cyclists, then, having a Bicibox service at their disposal will make it easier, faster and safer for them to access the metro during their daily journeys, through an eight-line railway network and 159 stations (soon 160) which are distributed through Barcelona and the metropolitan area’s eight municipalities.

The Bicibox service is currently found in two metro-network stations, Parc Logístic and Badalona Pompeu Fabra (L2), having come into operation today too, although five metro stops are expected to have it in the coming months.

The Barcelona City Councillor for Mobility and Chair of TMB, Rosa Alarcón, has highlighted the importance of promoting change towards a more sustainable urban mobility and that TMB is committed to ensuring mobility is a service for city residents.

How does Bicibox work?

It consists of closed rectangular spaces, with an access-control gate, which is opened by a Bicibox magnetic card, which a user of the service receives once they have signed up to it.

It also has a maintenance point with bicycle-repair tools, when needed.

The Bicibox service has the same operating times as the city’s metro stations.

Bicibox is a free metropolitan service, at no cost to its users. To be able to use it, you will need to register with the service, which you can do through its website, calling 934 801 559 or visiting its User Assistance Office (at Passeig dels Ferrocarrils Catalans, 144. Cornellà de Llobregat).

Better connection to the Zona Franca on sustainable transport

As for the Zona Franca’s Parc Logístic Station (L9 Sud) , Bicibox will facilitate journeys made by the area’s workers between the metro station and their workplace.

More specifically, the Parc Logístic Bicibox facility is located in the station’s upper lobby and has 32 places available for parking individual bicycles, arranged along two levels.

It will therefore promote sustainable last-kilometre journeys through the Zona Franca’s industrial complex and discourage, as much as possible, the use of private vehicles.

Further information.

Bicibox website.

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