Work gets under way to widen the pavements in Via Laietana

Work gets under way to widen the pavements in Via Laietana

17/05/2020 - 13:00 h*

Mobility and transport. Pavements will now be 4.15 metres wide.

Work begins today to gain more space for pedestrians in Via Laietana, with pavements to be widened to 4.15 metres and the layout for traffic changed. The reconfigure traffic system will leave a single lane for regular vehicles, along with one bus lane in each direction.

The work includes pavement milling, the installation of elements to separate the new layout of lanes and pavements, and signage indicating the widening of the pavements with yellow paint on the ground. The work, which is due to be completed in a week, forms part of the measures to reactivate safe pedestrian mobility for the public and is intended to avoid infections. The measures are also being implemented in Av. Diagonal, Gran Via, C/ Consell de Cent, C/ Rocafort and C/ Girona. In conjunction with the other measures executed so far this means more than 154,000 square metres of public space will have been gained for people to get around on foot.

The project to condition Via Laietana means various disruptions to traffic between 8 am and midnight while the work last:

  • Sunday, 17 May: The section between Plaça d’Antonio López and Carrer de Jonqueres will be closed to traffic going upwards so that milling work can begin. The fast lane going downwards will also be occupied, leaving two lanes open in this direction. Once this section is completed, the street will also be closed to downward traffic at the section starting from Carrer de Fontanella so that the rest of the milling work can be done. As milling work progresses, the road surface will be painted with yellow lines indicating the new layout.
  • Following days: Separations will be installed between the new widened pavement and the traffic lane, with metal bollards to be removed and new pavement markings painted. If necessary, the widened area and the adjacent traffic lane will be used, keeping one lane open at all times.


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