Like all vehicles, bicycles are subject to the general road regulations that ensure all road users can travel safely, namely the General Traffic Regulations.

At a municipal level, these regulations are supplemented by the Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Byelaw, so you can cycle round the city without any worries and in complete safety; your own safety and that of other road users. The Byelaw has a new modification (February 2017).

You should also be familiar with the 2013-2018 Urban Mobility Plan (PMU), which sets out the lines of action governing urban mobility in the coming years.

The Plan is adapted to the criteria and guidelines established by the law and higher order directives, and uses as a reference other strategic and planning documents that have a bearing on certain aspects of mobility, including the Mobility Master Plan for the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, the Catalan Transport Infrastructures Plan and the Catalan Strategic Bicycle Plan,.

We also suggest you study the Strategic Bicycle Measure, which regards the bicycle as a vehicle which will enable us to move towards a safer, more sustainable, equitable and efficient mobility system.


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