Type of route

On urban roads, bicycle traffic should use cycle lanes, the roadway and specially adapted areas. "Specially adapted areas" means legally established, designated bicycle lanes, those where road signs allow cycling and those where there is some form of explicit authorisation.

Carrils bici: Zones de vianants amb plataforma única (carrer 10 i 20)

Pedestrian areas with a single-level road surface (10 kph and 20 kph streets)

These are areas or streets where pedestrians have priority over vehicles. Here bicycles, skates and scooters have priority over other vehicles but not over pedestrians, and they can travel in either direction.

Carrils bici - Carril Bici 30

Bicycle streets (30 kph street)

These are traffic-calmed streets that encourage cycling because there is a 30 kph speed limit for cars. Bicycles go with the traffic flow and have right of way over motor vehicles in these streets, but not over pedestrians.

Bicycle-lane map

Find the best route to get to your destination. Consult the bike lanes and other thoroughfares, the Bicing stations and locking points and other types of parking places for bikes.

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