Riding safely

You must have a bell on your bicycle so you can warn others of your presence. But don't overuse it. Remember a bell is for warning others of your presence, not for annoying pedestrians. It is important to remember that in pedestrian areas, pedestrians have right of way.

If you cycle at night, you must have a white headlight and a red rear light, as well as reflectors. These must all be standardised and easily visible to pedestrians and motorists.

Under 16s must wear a helmet. For the rest of the population, it is not compulsory but strongly recommended for safer cycling.

Remember you must NOT

  • Ride a bike while holding on to other moving vehicles
  • Cycle on only one wheel
  • Let go of the handlebars with both hands
  • Zigzag in moving traffic
  • Load your bicycle with items that make manoeuvring difficult or restrict you vision
  • Cycle with earphones or helmets connected to audio devices.

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