Watch where you park

Ideally, you should park in places designated for that purpose, such as anchor points and underground car parks.

It is forbidden to:

  • Chain bicycles to trees, traffic lights, benches, recycling containers, litter bins, bus shelters and, in general, to any urban furniture where that might contravene the purpose or function for which they were designed.
  • Leave them in loading or unloading areas, at zebra crossings, against elements adjoining building facades, by parking places reserved for people with reduced mobility or by Bicing stations.
  • Park them in places where parking is prohibited, such as in front of public premises, emergency exits, buildings where parking is not recommended in order to ensure public safety, or hospitals, clinics or health centres, to facilitate patient access.
  • Leave them on pavements if this obstructs pedestrians.

Any parking that contravenes these regulations will be penalised by the removal of the bicycle.

To park you bike in the proper manner, we recommend you read the Parking section.

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