People taking part in the project must meet all the following criteria:

Requirements for participation in B-MINCOME aids

All members of the household must have been registered as Barcelona residents since June 2015, ive in one of the Eix Besòs neighbourhoods (Besòs-Maresme, Verneda - La Pau, Bon Pastor, Baró de Viver, Trinitat Vella, Trinitat Nova, Roquetes, Vallbona, Torre Baró and Ciutat Meridiana) and make a commitment to live there from October 2017 to September 2019.

They must be service users with an open Social Services file or have applied for and met the requirements for obtaining an allowance for children and/or adolescents aged 0 to 16 in 2017; or be taking part in the Làbora programme or have taken part within the last 12 months, or be a Social Insertion Service (SIS) user.

They must voluntarily accept the conditions for receiving the benefit, accept monitoring to compile household information, consent to monitoring for the purposes of carrying out anonymous evaluation studies, agree to provide information on additional income they might receive, and consent to an app being installed in their mobile phones that will manage the information, payments and activities associated with the project.

At least one member of the household must be aged 25 to 60 on 31 July 2017.

All the members of the household must effectively live together throughout the project.