Active Social and Employment Policies

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The active policies linked to the “with conditions” category are:

Vocational training for employment

Training programme and employment plans in projects of common interest for members of working age who are unemployed in 150 households, who will take part in a Barcelona Activa employment programme lasting 12 months, preceded by a three-month vocational training course, and a subsequent one month.

Social aids

Social economy programme through which 100 household participants will start cooperative, social, solidarity economy and community-interest projects or take part in one.

Housing aid program

Housing renovation programme for 100 property-owning households, so they can rent out rooms on an ongoing basis and make a profit which will improve their income.

Social inclusion aid

Community participation programme for 200 household members to promote their participation in activities that link their needs and demands to joint or common-interest projects which might benefit local organisations and community or association processes.