La Veïnal: television created by everyone

La Veïnal: television created by everyone

04/05/2020 - 16:20

La Veïnal is a new television initiative to facilitate the creation of participatory videos among city communities. It works similarly to platforms such as YouTube, but at a local level.

The community TV project La Veïnal has been published in a beta version, following the Covid-19 crisis. The website allows people in Barcelona to watch and share the categories and content that is generated.

Everyone can take part by simply emailing content to or using the hashtag #femlaveïnladesdecasa on social media.

Two of the most notable initiatives by La Veïnal to date are the sections on ‘Psychology and Care’ and ‘Human Rights’, offering psychological advice and personalised legal advice respectively.

La Veïnal is promoted by a series of participatory video and community communication groups and is backed by the Cultura Viva programme from the Barcelona Institute of Culture.

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