Launch of the #AturemRumors (Stop Rumours) campaign

Launch of the #AturemRumors (Stop Rumours) campaign

18/04/2018 - 13:11

La #XarxaBCNAntirumors presents the campaign #AturemRumors with Ramia Chaoui, Sílvia Albert, Quan Zhou i Mikel Iturriaga (El Comidista)



Over a hundred organisations have signed the #AturemRumors manifesto. Starting 18th April and lasting for a whole year, there will be plenty of activities to fight stereotypes and rumours.

The #XarxaBCNAntirumors (BCN Anti-rumours Network) launches the campaign #AturemRumors along with Ramia Chaoui, Sílvia Albert, Quan Zhou and Mikel Iturriaga (“El Comidista”)

The #AturemRumors campaign works to face the increasing populist and racist speech that feed rumours, reinforce stereotypes and spread fear and mistrust through social networks and among Barcelona citizens. The Communication Group of #XarxaBCNAntirumors has led the whole process. Ramia Chaoui, instagrammer and influencer, and Sílvia Albert, creator of #NoEsPaísParaNegras (no country for black women), cofounder of Black Barcelona and actress, participated in the press conference.

On behalf of the #XarxaBCNAntirumors assisted José Peñín, member of SOS Racisme Catalunya, and Montse Félez from AMHBIN (“white mothers with black children” association). Speakers insisted on how important it is to keep working against stereotypes and rumours about cultural diversity, and have stated the compromise of the #XarxaBCNAntirumors with all citizens of Barcelona.

Ramia Chaoui has putted into value the Network’s efforts and has pointed out that there is still mucho to do to combat Islamophobia. Sílvia Albert has urged to put “blackness” into the heart of the debate and look towards the afro-descendant community in Catalonia and Spain.

Ramon Sanahuja, Director of Barcelona City Council’s Immigrant Care and Reception Services, and Lola López, Comissioner for Immigration, Diversity and Interculturality, also attended the press conference.

The #AturemRumors campaign

This campaign aims to enhance and improve the presence and impact of the XBCNA, building new narratives on a non-discrimination perspective and invoking the rights of the people to deactivate rumours and stereotypes that affect intercultural coexistence in the city.

To accomplish this objective the campaign has the following goals:

  • To place rumours in a more public sphere, explaining their origin and why is it important to face these rumours and stereotypes having in mind their discriminating effects on people and collectives of diverse cultural backgrounds that live in Barcelona.
  • To promote a statement of Barcelona citizens by signing the #AturemRumors manifesto.
  • To put BCN Anti-rumours Network on the map as a resource available to all entities and individual persons who want to participate and get support, awareness-raising tools, and training sessions to prevent rumours.