Guided tours for general public (en/fr)

Guided tour of the Montjuïc Castle lasting an hour.


GUIDED TOURS , they last for 1 hour

A guided visit through some areas of the Castle led by a guide
Guided tours timetable
- Monday to Friday:                                                                                         
11.00am English                                                 
11.30am French (Mondays and Fridays excluding Bank Holidays)                   
12.30pm Catalan Spanish                                       
3.00pm English                                               
4:30pm Catalan Spanish                                                           
- Weekends and Bank Holidays:
11.00am English   
12.30pm Catalan Spanish     
1.00pm Catalan
3.00pm English   
4.30pm Catalan Spanish     
  - General fee with guided tour: 9€  
  - Reduced fee with guided tour: 7€
  - Guided tour on open days: 4€