Areas of responsibility

  • Promotion of the protection and defence of the political rights of citizens.
  • Direct support for citizens on matters which affect their relationship with the City Council in particular, and also with other institutions in general.
  • Enable access to municipal information and actively promote services and public policy by the City Council in favour of citizens' participation in the democratic control and action of government.
  • Foster the active involvement of citizens in the process of creating, executing and evaluating public policy.
  • Collaborate in the creation of community networks to strengthen citizens' capacity to play an active part in collective affairs.

Subject areas

Democratic city

For the purposes of ensuring, improving and consolidating democracy as a citizen right, policies and programmes are being developed offering more and better participatory channels. The goal is to build the city collectively, together with citizens who, organised or not, have the tools at their disposal for acting directly as a politically active player.

Citizen Rights and Diversity

Everyone has to have real and effective access, and under equal conditions, to every human right recognised and guaranteed in the city, as a collective space that belongs to its residents. Policies and initiatives aimed at achieving this are being developed under an intercultural and inclusive approach that respects the city’s diversity and fosters positive interaction rather than discrimination.

Attending to and welcoming immigrants

The city offers and manages inclusive information and welcoming mechanisms for the foreigners who arrive here, meeting, where appropriate, their demands for international protection. Work is also being carried out to make the city a place for egalitarian and intercultural relations, which respects and builds on the cultural diversity of local residents.

Feminism and LGBTI

Guaranteeing and standing up for the rights of the city's women means fighting against gender inequality, gender violence and discrimination against women. At the same time, we are working for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexuals, to eradicate homophobia and transphobia and incorporate sexual and gender diversity perspectives into social, health, employment, cultural and communication spheres.

Citizen help and information

These services are intended to meet the demand for information on the city, solve municipal procedures and deal with complaints and suggestions about municipal services. Several help and information channels are offered with the aim of providing direct and personalised treatment : telephone helplines, virtual assistance, face-to-face assistance and electronic self-service.


Sport plays a key role in social cohesion in neighbourhoods and in developing the city and raising its profile. Its management involves promoting universal and inclusive access to the pursuit of sport, creating, maintaining and managing facilities, working in cooperation with neighbourhood sports associations and promoting the use of public spaces for sport.

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