Literapolisbcn enter the institutes

Literapolisbcn enter the institutes


Many readers already know the #Literapolisbcn mobile application, the Literary Gymkhana 2.0 with which you can discover the city through books. What you may not know is the project “Literapolisbcn. Let’s play to novel the city”, addressed to the institutes.

For the first time, Barcelona Ciutat de la Literatura and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona (CEB) join together so that next year 2018-2019 is the first in which Literapolisbcn is used in the classroom as a tool to work on literature from another point of view.

That is to say, that the students of third and fourth of ESO, guided by the teaching staff, are able to create their own literary gymkhana from a book and using the same tools and the same technology with which the existing routes have been created Literapolisbcn: read the novels, extract the questions and answers, search for geolocations and think about the prizes and rewards, while exploring the city.

This project not only aims to encourage reading among young people, but also to guarantee them a competent, inclusive and knowledge-based school experience, covering language areas in Catalan and Spanish language and literature, social, artistic, cultural and values, personal and social and, logically, the technological, because the final objective is to see your project published and made known to everyone through the Mobile App, Literapolisbcn.

These are the first twelve institutes that will carry out the project “Literapolisbcn. Let’s play to novelize the city “next year 2018-2019:


–          Instituto Pau Claris

–          Instituto L’Alzina

–          Instituto Barri Besòs

–          Instituto Salvat Papasseit

–          Instituto Doctor Puigvert

–          Instituto Carrasco i Formiguera

–          Instituto Salvador Espriu

–          Instituto Menéndez i Pelayo

–          Instituto XXV Olimpíada

–          Instituto Joan Fuster

–          Instituto Bosc de Montjuic

–         Instituto Miquel Tarradell