Democracy has to be applied in an effective, direct and shared way in a democratic city if it is to be championed, safeguarded, improved and consolidated. A democracy under constant evolution is an active democracy that sets out participation as a collective transformational tool as well as a citizen right.

People in front of a computer working in a democràtic-innovation workshop.

Democratic Innovation

An improved democracy is a democracy under constant evolution. Researching and developing new methods allow the channels, mechanisms and processes for exercising democracy to work in harmony with society’s changes and needs.

A large group of people during a citizen-participation meeting on a terrace roof.

Citizen participation

An improved democracy is a democracy accessible for everyone. Creating, consolidating and sharing the use of citizen bodies, participatory processes, initiatives and consultations enable citizens to have a real effect on the city’s political agenda.

Children playing under a large coloured canvass during one of the organisations’ activities.

Community action

An improved democracy is an active democracy. Society’s democratic strengthening requires an impetus to and facilitation of its citizens’ transformational action, by encouraging it to be done through different forms of association.