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485 establishments have been found on Home

485 establishments have been found on Home

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  • Variopinta

    Carrer del Comerç 15
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona
    • Home
  • Tizia Tafuri Cerámica

    Taller de cerámica y tienda.

    Carrer de Sant Pere Mitjà 32
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open from 1:3h to 13:3h and 17:h 2:h.

    • Home
    • Culture and Leisure
  • Electro Foto

    Electric material and small electric household appliances (energy-efficient light bulb, LED light bulbs, fluorescent lighting, small appliances…) r

    Carrer Nou de la Rambla 22
    08001 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open from 1am to 2pm and from 4:3 to 8:3pm. Sunday closed.

    • Home
    • Hardware and electricity
    • Electronics
    Associació de comerciants del carrer Nou de la Rambla i rodalies
  • Sunglassut

    Carrer de la Portaferrissa 4
    08002 Barcelona Barcelona
    • Home
  • Serralleria Tot Ferro

    Manufacture and installation of portals for communities, grating, ladders, attics, railings, iron furniture, and all kinds of metal structures, as

    Carrer d'en Mònec 21
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open from 8: 3h to 13: 3h and 15: 3h to 19: h.

    • Home
    • Carpentry, DIY and floors
    • Services
    • Facilities and repair