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6383 establishments have been found

6383 establishments have been found

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  • Blue Pottery

    A shop specialising in Polish ceramics. Made from stoneware.

    Carrer del Portal Nou 5
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open from 9: 3h to 2: h from Monday to Sunday.

    • Home
    • Gifts and decor
  • Money Exchange Girs Internacionals

    Carrer del Rec Comtal 5
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona
    • Services
  • La Porta Ferrissa

    Establishment dating from 193, where we can find a large selection of tapas and sandwiches. Known for sandwiches of spanish ham.

    Carrer de la Portaferrissa 5
    08002 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open Monday to Friday from 1:45h to 2:15 and Saturday from 11:3h to 21:15h. Exceptionally open some holidays.

    • Bars and restaurants
    • Bar, Brasserie and tapas
    • Restaurant
    Associació Barnacentre
  • Mas Gourmets

    A wide range of products where you can find a careful selection of cured hams with denomination of origin, such as Guijuelo, Jabugo and Huelva.

    Carrer la Rambla 91 678,679,680,681
    08001 Barcelona Barcelona

    Open Tuesday to Thursday from 8:h to 17:h. Friday and Saturday from 8:h to 2:3h.

    • Feeding
    • Charcuterie
    • Dairy
    Associació de Veïns i Comerciants de La Boqueria i adjacent
  • Ss Souvenir

    Carrer d'Espaseria 6
    08003 Barcelona Barcelona