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Aureo & Calicó

Last update of this information: June 2019
Plaça de l'Àngel 2
08002 Barcelona Barcelona

Open from 9:3h to 13:3h and from 16:h to 19:3h from Monday to Thursday. Friday from 9:h to 13:3h and from 16:h to 19:h.

Specialized in collecting and numismatic auctions, they have auctioned Roman, Iberian, medieval (both Castilian-Leonese and Catalan-Aragonese), Catholic Kings, Austrias (in extenso or by mints), each of the Bourbons to Isabel II, The Spanish empire in Europe, notafilia ... Their catalogs are two references that have often served to shed some light on aspects poorly known by the collectors themselves. Establishment trade.

Associated trade to:

  • Associació Barnacentre