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Mama Huhu

Last update of this information: February 2019
Carrer del Call 11
08002 Barcelona Barcelona

Open Monday through Saturday from 1:h to 21:h. Authorised Sundays & holidays from 11:h to 2:h.

Mama Huhu is a shoe shop where each shoe is handmade with a premium leather from start to finish by an artisan in Colombia. Every pair of shoes has its own attributes, and is treated personally to make sure that all parts fit perfectly together and all the details are attended carefully. This shoe brand offers luxury goods at reasonable prices for the high quality you receive. All materials are sourced domestically in Colombia and they design everything in-house, to ensure the lowest markup. Mamahuhu works with artisans from disadvantage areas in Colombia, and rescue the leather workshops in these conflicted or poor areas. They also help them to grow their own workshops, so that they become independent and sustainable business themselves.