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Restaurante El Paraguayo

Last update of this information: March 2019
Parc de la Barceloneta 1
08003 Barcelona Barcelona

Open Mondays & Tuesdays from 2:h to :h. Wednesday through Sunday from 13:h to 16:h & from 2:h to :h.

The Paraguayo remains faithful to its roots and invites you to taste their seasonal suggestions: arugula with mushrooms and goat cheese, grilled vegetables with romesco sauce, buffalo burrata, smoked cheese, suckling pig, grilled rabbit, entrecote Roquefort, supreme of Milanese chicken, rib of suckling lamb and the king dish of the house or Rio Platense steak. Their best desserts are a passion fruit cream, crêpes of Catalan custard and an apple omelette with Calvados. This restaurant is highly recommended for meat lovers since it is a true institution with many years of experience and a large number of satisfied clients.