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Restaurante Tipico Mi Burrito y yo

Last update of this information: December 2019
Carrer del Pas de l'Ensenyança 2 LOCAL 1
08002 Barcelona Barcelona

Open Monday through Sunday from 13:h to :h.

Grill house with an oak wood fire that has more than 3 years in the heart of Ciutat Vella. Located in an old house where the walls of the old city begin, it is decorated with vaulted and stone ceilings. In addition to the grilled meat, they serve grilled vegetables such as artichokes; snails with sauce, ham and cold cuts, veal and beef on charcoal, lamb, goat, homemade desserts such as crème brûlée and wide selection of typical wines. They also have a lounge for 4 people and another one for 6 with piano background music.