The District of Ciutat Vella includes the neighbourhoods of the Raval, Gòtic, Barceloneta, and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera. It is the historic centre of Barcelona, a cultural and economic melting pot and a welcoming space for new neighbours and the visiting population. The area can be summarised with the following socio -economic data:

Graph with the main demographic and socio-economic indicators of Ciutat Vella 2015

You can check all the demographics, employment market, household income, economic activity, tourism and hospitality and social and solidarity economy indicators by downloading the Economic Development Plan Ciutat Vella 2016-2021 Diagnosis (PDF).

Vision of the future

This Plan is setting forth a vision for the economic development of the district aimed at a new understanding of local development. To achieve this we need to reverse some of the negative dynamics experienced in the socio-economic area, as well as committing to economic sectors that facilitate the transition to a new type of production model.

Dynamics to reverse:

  • Monoculture economy centred on tourism, eateries and nightlife
  • Gentrification
  • Job insecurity and violation of labour rights
  • Unemployment, especially for youngsters, and growing inequalities

Sectors o àmbits econòmics

The economic diversification being projected means we need to identify a number of economic sectors or areas as part of the framework of the Plan that can be prioritised and therefore get special support in order to make them into spaces that are dynamic and solid in their provision of goods and services, whilst generating quality employment:

  • Care work and services for people
  • Community interventions
  • Local commerce and retail
  • Responsible consumption
  • Cultural projects
  • Small-scale urban production
  • Circular economy
  • Knowledge and innovation