Governance Plan

The implementation of this strategic Plan requires an application of an appropriate governance model that determines the organizational management strategy, meaning, instruments, people and organizations that should assume specific responsibilities, the bodies regulating the participation of residents throughout the five years of the project, as well as the implementation, management and evaluation of the Plan.

To implement the EDP, the following committees and consultation bodies will be convened:

Steering group of the Plan

Requirements include a team, follow-up and decision making to manage EDP projects daily. The team consists of representatives and technicians of the District Council and the team at Barcelona Activa. This will be an executive body in charge of leading and assigning tasks arising from the implementation of the Plan’s actions (and other socio-economic activities of the District) and the coordination of sector-based commissions. The organization will be fortnightly / monthly. The steering group should be seen as a strategic tool to exercise and promote institutional coordination (inter-departmental and between administrations) and crossovers (internal and sector).

Neighbourhood work commissions: one per neighbourhood

These are the working committees of the projects that have been developed from the EDP strategy lines, a consultation space between government and local stakeholders with the organization of committees and groups to carry forward commitments made in the Plan. Entities and local stakeholders implicated in the plan have been contacted. To facilitate the deployment of this EDP and promote responsibilities in terms of implementation between the administration and local stakeholders, a file will be developed for each of the projects indicating the stakeholders involved in each committee. Sector working groups: besides the commissions set up for areas, commissions can also be created for sectors (Retail, Employment, Solidarity Economy, etc.) as needed. These workspaces follow the same methodology and philosophy as the area commissions, meaning that their aim is the development and implementation of specific actions with the aim of incorporating local socio-economic stakeholders.

District plenary meeting

This represents a space for global accountability, where the steering group will report on the status of EDP implementation. This plenary meeting –open to all stakeholders involved in the neighbourhood commissions– will be convened at three key points: at the beginning of the EDP, its mid-point, and when finished. Its main objective –apart from making the process more accountable–, will be to encourage participating stakeholders to assess the degree to which strategy lines are being accomplished.

A report will be submitted at least once a year to the plenary session of Ciutat Vella Council to explain how the Plan is being implemented and its current situation.

Updated data and information will be available on a website developed for monitoring and following the Plan.

Monitoring and evaluation

The basic objectives of the monitoring process are:

  • Check that the activities are developed in accordance with the conditions passed in the Plan
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the Measures envisaged in the Plan
  • Identify elements to improve
  • See if other issues have appeared during the development process of the Plan that were not initially expected

Monitoring implementation will be a key moment when defining the evaluation of the Plan. The responsibility for implementing the monitoring programme is that of the Directorate for Local Development at Barcelona Activa, who is responsible for developing a series of indicators and monitoring the reporting of the Plan. However, in line with the objective of working together at the different stages of the EDP, monitoring will also be developed jointly between Barcelona Activa, the District of Ciutat Vella, the community network, and business associations.

As explained in reference to the methodology behind preparation for the Plan’s road map, the idea is to work together to define what we will do and how we will do it together, each from their own position of expertise. To carry out the phase of evaluation together and to facilitate EDP implementation, specific contents have been developed for each strategy through content reporting files.