Call for grant applications to finance individual or collective entrepreneurial projects, companies that are already trading and cooperatives, community economies and social innovation and employment in the city

2018Annual measure 2017

These grant applications, which have an allocated budget of approximately two million Euros for projects throughout the city, will be one of the main tools to generate new economic activity linked to local development.

These are for initiatives that create economic activity (employment) that clearly has a payback in terms of local development in neighbourhoods and that does not generate surplus profit, i.e., the profits are always re-invested in the business.

Among Ciutat Vella projects, the ones that deserve special attention are related to the priority economic sectors outlined in this plan: care-related jobs and services for individuals, community interventions, local retail, responsible consumption, cultural projects, small-scale urban production, circular economy and knowledge and innovation.

Measure's execution schedule

2017: 2T, 3T.

What are we doing

14/07/2017 - 10:52