The Plan provides for an annual allocation of funds to finance deployment measures outlined in the strategy guideline. The minimum allocation will be 250,000 Euros / year provided by Barcelona Activa and the District of Ciutat Vella. So, at a minimum level, the EDP will have 1.25 million Euros for actions during the five year implementation period. This budget, however, may be higher depending on two variables:

  1. Economic requirements of the proposed actions: when the amount required for proposed interventions exceed the annual budget, work will be carried out to achieve additional funding to carry them out.
  2. The contributions of stakeholders in the area: both economic stakeholders and public operators present in the District will be able to contribute to the full or partial implementation of measures contained in the Plan. These actions will be added to the available annual budget and these will be taken into consideration in terms of reaching benchmarks.

During the first year of implementation (2016), the budget was used to start the Plan, starting ten-or-so actions that were the basis and starting point for reaching the strategic guidelines.

In addition to financial resources, the Plan will have a technical team dedicated to implementing measures. This team will consist of at least:

  • Two technicians from the Directorate of Local Development at Barcelona Activa that will work in the Ciutat Vella area and for the whole District.
  • A technician from the Directorate of Local Development of Barcelona Activa that will work in South Raval, Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera.
  • A technician from the Directorate for Local Development of Barcelona Activa that will work in this area and two other districts.
  • A technician from the Trade and Commerce department of the Directorate of Services to People and the Local Area of Ciutat Vella.