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Promote the purchase and hiring of goods and services in Ciutat Vella by companies, organizations and facilities in the area

Ciutat Vella is a District that has a rich tapestry of companies and providers of goods and services. We must work on promoting this and fitting supply to demand in the local area, particularly with regard to the demand generated by large facilities in the District (universities, museums, etc.), because of their purchasing volume and contract impact.

Ciutat Vella is the tourist centre of the city, and as such there must be support for tourism promoters, but so that its activity has a return for the area, and also promoting actions with the sector itself that are related to corporate social responsibility and which have a positive impact on the territory. Special attention needs giving to the supply of so-called ‘other economies’ and to develop a social market in terms of the solidarity economy.

Study on how to enhance the District’s purchasing and contracting of companies and organizations in the area

2018Multiannual measure 2016-2017

Preparation of a catalogue of suppliers of Ciutat Vella

2018Annual measure 2017

Work on the implementation of a quality stamp for companies applying social clauses

2018Annual measure 2017

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