The commerce newsletter

The commerce newsletter is a digital channel through which the Directorate of Commerce, Catering and Consumer Affairs provides information on the latest municipal developments relating to commerce, the restaurant and catering sector and consumer affairs in Barcelona. Its subscribers receive a monthly email featuring information such as: 
  • Subsidies and grants for the commercial, restaurant and catering sector. 
  • New campaigns, revitalisation initiatives and good practices in the sector.
  • Programmes, talks and training workshops aimed at retailers and restaurateurs. 
  • Information connected to consumer affairs and to services offered by the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC).
  • A monthly series of ‘Behind the counter’ information videos, with the city’s shops and restaurants taking part. 
The aim behind the newsletter is to help to strengthen and enrich Barcelona’s commercial model: local, lively, dynamic, capable of constantly renovating itself and finding creative formulas with which to entice the public. 
How do you subscribe to it?
It’s really simple. All you need to do is click here, enter your name and email address and select the topic “Commerce”. You’ll then receive it once a month!


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