What we do Why we do it

We at the Commerce Affairs Department, part of Barcelona City Council's, work to make commerce the cornerstone to the city's backbone. We are talking about a dynamic, enterprising and socially cohesive Barcelona that sees commerce as a quality and economic-growth factor.


  • To promote the association model in the commercial sector.
  • To foster participation from the world of commerce.
  • To champion local commerce, especially in the neighbourhoods, as a protection against the desertification of trade and the processes of urban decay.
  • To champion the social value of commerce.
  • To strengthen the incorporation of quality into commerce.
  • To reinforce dynamism, innovation and ongoing adaptation in the world of commerce, by backing entrepreneurship.
  • To ensure the knowledge and training of retailers, by promoting an ongoing adaptation of the regulations for a rapid response to the the world of commerce's needs and priorities at any time.

What we do

  • We offer grants and subsidies to municipal shopkeepers associations and groups.
  • We run commercial-promotion campaigns and work with other campaigns run by shopkeepers associations to promote the city's commerce.
  • We provide information and statistical data on Barcelona's commerce through this website.
  • We provide information on the regulations that apply to commerce.
  • We sign collaboration agreements with public and private bodies that aim to promote local commerce.