An authentic Christmas wrap

This Christmas, if you buy gifts in your local neighbourhood we’ll wrap them up for you in eco-friendly paper and solidarity clothing. Let’s give our neighbourhood a present this Christmas.

The city’s commerce and Barcelona City Council are launching a campaign entitled “An authentic Christmas wrap” to promote local commerce while raising awareness of the importance of shopping locally and keeping alive the neighbourhoods we live, walk, learn and play in.

If you’re buying gifts from your neighbourhood's local shops or markets from 10 December to 5 January, we’ll wrap them up for you. Come along to one of the ten booths located in the city’s various shopping areas and we’ll wrap your gifts for you in authentic Christmas paper!

Eco-friendly paper and sustainable clothing to wrap up the neighbourhood

That’s why we’ve created ecological gift paper and more than six thousand different recycled-clothing wrappings produced by the Pare Manel Foundation and the Estel Tàpia Special Work Centre, under an initiative from the Tarpuna cooperative. If you ‘activate’ the label with your mobile, you’ll discover you’re giving much more than what you've had wrapped.

The way it works is very simple: with a receipt for your purchase at a neighbourhood shop we’ll wrap your gift up with ecological paper, and with receipts from three different shops you’ll be given recycled clothing for all your gifts. This wrapping is inspired by ‘furoshiki’, a traditional Japanese fabric used to wrap and transport all types of items.

A solidarity and sustainable Christmas

This campaign means what covers the gift is just as important, perhaps even more so, than what is inside. The gift becomes a message in itself, speaking of a social and economic network, where everyone, from the person who produced the wrapping to those buying and selling the gift, give the city’s neighbourhoods more vitality and make them more human. In all, the initiative is an act of awareness for a Christmas focusing on solidarity, sustainability, living together and participating in the neighbourhood, as well as backing local commerce. 

This Christmas, get wrapped up in your neighbourhood and play a good roll. Fancy joining in?




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