Resources for offering a quality service

We would like you to have all the information and resources you need at your disposal so you can offer your customers and clients an even better and maximum-quality service, as it's everyone's business to turn Barcelona into the best shop in the world.


Code of good practices

We offer you advice, recommendations and requirements so that everything's a lot easier when it comes to running your business.  Ranging from dealing with customers to labelling necessities and occupational risk-prevention issues.


Training – "Open to the future”: Training plan for local commerce

It is important not just to keep your shop in order and comply with regulations, and for the product or service you are selling to be of top quality etc., but also to have training and preparation that aim for excellence.
This programme enables you to receive training on business management and technological skills.


Guilds and Associations

Professional guilds and associations and crafts people bring continuity to a profession of considerable value by passing on their expertise. And thanks to the retailers associations, we can all between us (retailers, customers and authorities) see to the interests that concern us so that Barcelona continues being the best shop in the world for a good many years.


Consumer Arbitration System

To resolve disputes arising from commerce, the City Council offers customers and retailers a space for finding joint solutions in a fast and effective way.

all the information and resources you need at your disposal so you can offer a maximum-quality service