"BCN Design Tour" shows the best Barcelona design for the city's trade

BCN DESIGN TOUR. With an application for mobile and a printed map, Barcelona Design Center proposes an immersion in the culture of Barcelona design in shops and also to hotels, galleries, and architectural spaces through the "BCN Design Tour" guide.



With an application for mobile and a printed map, Barcelona Design Center proposes an immersion in the culture of Barcelona design in shops and also to hotels, galleries, and architectural spaces through the “BCN Design Tour” guide.

Establishments and spaces that bring us closer to Barcelona’s design culture. This is what the Barcelona Design Center (BCD) proposal offers with the “BCN Design Tour” guide. You can find stores that are a sample of the Barcelona design. Of course, there are also hotels, bars, restaurants, showrooms, architecture, urban spaces and entities.

For those who are used to the use and consultation of all types of information through mobile, the route is available through an application that works with IOS and Android operating systems. It is designed so that access to information can be done both by geolocation and by categories, according to the type of establishment, the area or districts where they are located and by times or architectural styles of the twentieth century. Once the application is downloaded, it can be viewed offline.

For whom, on the other hand, he likes to have a printed map and undertake the adventure without resorting to mobile, he also has the opportunity to access a selection of spaces. The map is available at the Museu del Disseny, at the Tourism Offices of Barcelona and at cultural institutions, such as museums.

Creation of routes through the city

Be it because of the geolocation offered by the app or because of the location of the spaces on the printed map, the BCN Design Tour allows the creation of routes through the city to get a close look at how the design culture has influenced the establishments and spaces, for example in the commerce of the city.

There are shops of all kinds, for example and as you can see in the photographs that accompany this page, Ballut (C / Mallorca, 233), a “concept store” dedicated to home, decoration and accessories located in a house of the 40s reformed by the architects Saeta Studio; Cristina Castañer (C / Rosselló, 230) a firm that has taken the espadrilles to the catwalk, with the design of the store by the architect Bernadetta Tagliabue; Maria Roch (C / Laforja, 120), designer who stands out for the versatility and colors of her dresses; Punto Luz (C / Pau Claris, 146), technical and decorative lighting and OhBo Orgànic (C / Dr. Fleming, 15), with a menu based on organic products and proximity. The images are just a small sample of many shops in the city where the action of design is visible, through interior design, the conceptualization of spaces and preventing the relationship between commerce and customers. It is also possible to plan a gastronomic route between bars and restaurants, collected in the two information media.

Both on the map in paper and in the application on the mobile, all shops and establishments have a file with information of the history of the store, the products sold and the design professionals who have intervened. In fact, the printed map and the application complement each other.

The role of design

The initiative was born in 2008 as an idea to give value to heritage and the role played by design, a strategic sector for Barcelona. At first, the information was provided by the printed map, but quickly moved to the digital terrain with an app that Apple applauded and highlighted as the app of the week at the time of its release.

The app currently contains 280 references of spaces and establishments, and the map houses around fifty. It is always a sample of genuinely Barcelonian spaces and establishments. A way to highlight what can only be found in Barcelona. Singularities There is a specific category on fashion (clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry) in which establishments with products made by local designers are shown. Looking to the near future, Barcelona Center de Disseny plans to incorporate new possibilities into the application that favor greater interactivity with the user with the contents.

The presence of the establishments and the spaces in the two supports is the responsibility of an editorial committee formed by design professionals, aware of current trends, interior architecture and also retail.

In order to promote the value of design in the establishments, a presentation of success stories is also organized annually, inviting the owners of the establishments, such as shops, and the designers who have intervened, in order to to discuss how, starting from a professional assignment, a space is created as a shopping experience for customers. It is an initiative that can serve as referral for high-ranking merchants.