Call for trade subsidies and grants 2019

07/01/2019 - 08:06 h

Subsidies and grants 2019. From 27 December until 24 January, applications may be submitted for subsidies from Barcelona’s trade bodies for 2019.

Until 24 January, applications may be submitted for subsidies from Barcelona’s trade bodies for 2019. Once again, the call for trade subsidies forms part of the general call published by Barcelona City Council.

The area of trade has been given the name local trade and economic promotionand is designated by the letter N. Subsidies may be applied for under the following programmes:

  • Activation, communication, training and sustainability actions (N.a.11)
  • Strengthening associative trade structures (N.b.11)
  • Projects to improve the digitisation of trade (N.c.11)
  • Collaborative projects between associations in the digital field (N.d.11)

It should be noted that promoting responsible consumption has been added as a purpose of the applications for 2019. In this regard, a new general impact assessment criterion (district and city) has been included: environmental benefits, such as the greening of events or the circular economy, and social benefits of the project, e.g. sustainable contracting.

All programmes are city-wide and subsidised by the Directorate of Commerce. The letter N.eis used solely for the district level (economic promotion).

The maximum amount in subsidies will not exceed 50% of the total expenditure, and the ceilings for the programmes have been set as follows:

(a) 45,000 euros for activation, communication, training and sustainability actions

(b) 20,000 euros for strengthening associative trade structures

(c) 9,000 euros for projects to improve the digitisation of trade

(d) 11,000 euros for collaborative projects between associations in the digital field

Applications may be submitted by territorial and sectoral trader associations and non-profit trade organisations. Municipal markets, market associations and professional associations are excluded.

The programmes

  1. A) The activation, communication, training and sustainability actionsmust be for the purpose of promoting activities of public or social interest that stimulate local trade, promote territorial or sectoral trade associations, promote formulas for public-private collaboration, self-management or others, and improve the competitiveness of the city’s trade, and for generating synergies with other economic or social sectors. Under the training chapter, the actions that are not carried out by Barcelona City Council or municipal bodies such as Barcelona Activa will be subsidised. The projects that promote good environmental practices and the social responsibility of businesses should also be highlighted (e.g. actions to eliminate the use of plastic bags, to promote professionalism in the body’s management team through ongoing training, renting the premises of the organisation’s headquarters, subsidisable to a maximum of 15%).
  2. B) Strengthening associative trade structuresis considered as professional support for the management of the organisation’s project to serve as trade activation and administrative and communication reinforcement. Local traders associations (with a minimum of two associations) may also submit joint projects.
  3. C) Actions in the field of trade digitisationshould be aimed at improving the level of digital maturity of the trade organisations. For example, actions that promote a basic or wide internet presence, an active presence or the expansion of the association’s portfolio of services. The “Internet presence questionnaire” must be completed. The Company Support Office (Oficina de Atención a las Empresas – OAE) can provide advice on this procedure.
  4. D) Finally, collaboration projects between associations in the digital field include actions for improvement in the field of trade digitalisation to foster exchange and collaboration within Barcelona’s trade and digital ecosystem with initiatives aimed at promoting local trade. For example, collaborative projects between a minimum of two trading organisations with the aim of encouraging the evolution of trade towards the omnichannel retailing of their activities (online sales and/or catalogues, door-to-door deliveries, etc.). Subscription to the trade loyalty card project (Viba) may be subsidised up to a maximum of 1,000 euros. As in the previous point, the “Internet Presence Questionnaire” must be completed, and the OAE can provide advice.

The documentation for the 2019 call may be consulted on the Barcelona City Council website:

On 27 December, and on the same website, the documents to be submitted will also be available: application, project and annexes.