Creu Coberta promotes local commerce with its new #ElComerciantAmic [the friendly retailer] campaign

EL COMERCIANT AMIC. #ElComerciantAmic. This is the theme of the new promotional campaign launched by the Retailers Association and shopping district Creu Coberta.



#ElComerciantAmic. This is the theme of the new promotional campaign launched by the Retailers Association and shopping district Creu Coberta.  An initiative designed to focus on these shopkeepers, using their own shop displays and a photograph showing the general public who is behind the counter.

“In Creu Coberta”, says Lluis Llanas, the president of the shopping district, “shopkeepers are members of the local community. We’re part of it.” In fact, for most of the day, many of these men and women are influential neighbours, working from their shops. This includes their involvement and participation in community projects, such as “Radars”, which provides support for elderly people in the neighbourhood, and “School Paths”, through which retailers keep an eye on children going to or from school.

Another initiative aimed at developing a network of trust with local residents, as well as promoting the value of personal service as the main feature of local commerce, which is the heart and soul of a neighbourhood.

The District Council offices also have an exhibition of the photographs

In all, 170 retailers appear in these campaign photos. So as well as seeing them in their shops, you can also see the portraits in an exhibition at the Sants-Montjuïc district offices. The shopkeepers have also produced a leaflet, telling their customers about the range of establishments and businesses in the shopping district, which is available in every shop. An opportunity, therefore, to make themselves known while they promote local commerce.

Lluís Llanas stresses that the campaign also emphasises the retail trade’s social role, something the Creu Coberta shopping district, where 79% of retailers are association members, underlines by showing the people behind the name of each business. #ElComerciantAmic will run until December.

“The friendly retailer” joins other initiatives the shopping district has launched or taken part in with other associations, including “Shooting and Shopping”, Barcelona’s international film and commerce festival; “Unique Shops”, which highlights shops that, because of what they sell, can only be found in Barcelona and, more specifically, in Creu Coberta; or “Q for quality”, which certifies the quality of each establishment. At present they are putting the final touches to another idea which, on this occasion, aims to bring literature and commerce together: “Arts in Commerce”. This is a literary competition that is scheduled for mid-July, where participants will have to build a story round a key word from a literary work.