Having one foot in history and the other online

communication and revitalisation Retail campaigns. Retailers in the Mercat de Sants vicinity are proposing new revitalisation projects this year, such as painting shutters with historical images of the neighbourhood while also launching new promotion initiatives online.



Carrying out activities for customers, having an online presence through a website and social media profile, and engaging communication professionals. These are just a few of the initiatives that have been promoted over time by the Mercat de Nou Sants Trade Association, which currently has 29 members among the establishments located in the Mercat de Sants vicinity, including the market itself.

David Martínez, the Chair of the association and the owner of Teixits Padua, a business that won the Albert González Prize for its contribution to the promotion and knowledge of the city’s commerce (2016 Commerce Prize), explains how the association has been able to carry out a variety of small projects thanks to subsidy programmes such as the ones organised each year.

Retailers have designed other initiatives for 2019 with the aim of ​​launching new actions both online and in the market’s physical vicinity, where they intend to create a scene full of historical images of Sants. These are projects for which they have also submitted requests for financial support from the City Council.

Communication campaigns

The association will encourage its members to carry out communication and revitalisation campaigns. That means the association intends to launch new campaigns through the mass media and social networks to publicise establishments and their offers and promotions.

As in previous occasions, the association is working for members to take part in the courses organised by Barcelona Activa, primarily in the areas of digital learning and social media.

Retailers will design a paper bag bearing the retailers’ association logo, to be given to customers with their purchases.

The history of Sants on its shutters

While working side by side with the market in holding commercial-revitalisation activities in the vicinity’s streets, whether festive and recreational – with the Carnival and Sant Medir around the corner – or competitive, with shopping voucher competitions, this year the association is planning to have shops’ metallic shutters painted by artists with historical images of the neighbourhood taken from period photographs.

Urban art and outdoor art galleries, among other things, are just a few of the initiatives proposed by other trade associations in the city, such as in El Raval and Les Corts. Retailers from the Mercat de Sants vicinity have their eye on the historical images kept at the Arxiu Municipal de Sants with the aim of copying them onto their shutters and displaying a valuable heritage that also provides highly attractive views of the area’s commerce.