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LA LLETERIA DE POBLESEC. "La lleteria (dairy) del Poblesec" - " La llete", as the store is better known in the neighborhood and on social networks- is a business of organic food and activities and therapies for body care

“La lleteria (dairy) del Poblesec” – ” La llete”, as the store is better known in the neighborhood and on social networks- is a business of organic food and activities and therapies for body care that grows as it grows has created new relationships with neighbors. It has been awarded with the prize for innovation “Eixos BCN 2017” of the Barcelona Comerç Foundation.

Júlia and Fernando are in charge of the organic food business “La lleteria del Poblesec”, a place that, as its name suggests, had originally been the place where milk and milk products were sold in the neighborhood. They are merchants, and in addition to selling, in the store they organize activities and therapies for the well-being of the body with the help of Helena, a third collaborator. The trade has grown slowly in a few years, and today is a reference establishment in Poblesec. It’s more than a store. It is a meeting place, a place of social relation, the genuine expression of the idea of ​​’proximity’ of commerce.

“La Lleteria” won the “Eixos BCN 2017 to Innovative Commerce” prize awarded by the Barcelona Comerç Foundation. For this couple of enthusiastic and committed young people – “bioguays”, as they appear in their Instagram profile – the prize was a real surprise. As Júlia explains, the business has evolved over time, adapting to the demands and needs of its customers. At the beginning of “La lleteria” in 2012, they worked with two other partners and the business was more focused on organic food products, from 0 to 18 months, and the types of organic products have progressively expanded, in a way that that today its target audience is people of all ages.

Innovation Award

The jury minutes of the Eixos BCN 2017 award from the Barcelona Comerç Foundation formally collect that the award came to their hands “for their clear vision of customer orientation and their task of disclosure with neighbors, for a comprehensive business concept and capacity to merge a traditional trade model with the spirit and trends of the 21st century. “

“Everything has come out very naturally,” Fernando and Júlia point out, “because there are neighbors who come to our store and what they want is to talk with us for a while!” At the same time that they communicate with the community through the social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and renew their Web, they focus their efforts especially on building relationships permanently in the neighborhood.

From the year 2012 until now, they have maintained contact with neighbors and have been integrated into some of the neighborhood associations. They are known by many organizations and institutions, from the CAP to entities that implement social cohesion initiatives in Poblesec. Always with ideas that fit with their way of living and working, “to another type of consumption,” says Júlia.

The value of responsible nutrition

In a few years, consumer awareness of healthy eating has grown in importance and interest in organic foods has increased. So Fernando and Júlia say that they realized that a meeting point and pedagogy about another type of consumption was very necessary. These are the reasons why, in addition to food, in “La lleteria” (or in “La Llete”, as you will find it on Instagram), there are activities such as yoga, Chi Kung (breathing exercises, physical and mental for all ages related to traditional Chinese medicine), pilates, acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic therapies, osteopathy, psychotherapy …

The perspective of “La Lleteria” is to offer a global vision about the union between a healthier diet and the care of the body, with activities that also help to improve emotional health. “This is our idea, a more holistic way of seeing things,” says Júlia, confident in the possibilities offered by this vision. “The attention you put on food is necessary in all stages of life, not just during growth,” he says. In this way, the orientation of the business has been adjusted to the demands of customers. “It’s a different way of eating,” adds Fernando, “there are older people who do not know quinoa or who do not know how to prepare a cus-cus, and we advise them, and we also recommend how to switch to a healthier diet.”

Not only is it a philosophy of life, it is also a way of relating to your clients. “We have a way of being and serving the customer very close and that hooks a lot,” exclaims Júlia. And the future? “We have our list made, although the future will depend on the people, it is that carrying a store is very heavy!” They say.

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