New workshops and courses from the 'Open to the future' training programme for 2019

28/01/2019 - 17:50 h

Open to the future 2019. Open to the future 2019 The workshops and courses from the 'Open to the future' training programme for 2019 are already available. They are free and aimed at professionals in commerce and local services.


28/01/2019 ‘Open to the future’, the training programme in business management and new technologies aimed at professionals in commerce and local services, now has new training courses and workshops for 2019. This is an initiative from Barcelona City Council’s Department of Commerce, run through Barcelona Activa in collaboration with the city’s districts and local retailers’ associations.

Increasing business competitiveness, innovation and sustainability, boosting the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and raising digitisation levels, taking advantage of the opportunities that the internet and social networks offer small businesses, providing tools and resources for enabling and optimising daily work management and finding out about the sector’s trends are the main goals behind these initiatives.

The free training courses and workshops last for two, three or six hours and meet the current needs of businesses. They are given at several of the city’s facilities and at times that suit retailers. They are divided up into three training itineraries:

1.- Business strategy and management (innovation in management, reducing energy expenses or waste)
2.- Digital marketing and its tools (logo designing, use and management of various social networks, as well as sales allies, Google Analytics, website and blog creation, online selling, and the new rules arising from the General Data Protection Regulation.
3.- Customer-loyalty strategies (promoting sales points, communication through shop windows and shop-window and visual-merchandising techniques).

The workshops and courses are as follows:


1.1 Improving and innovating in business management (3 hours’ training in person and 2 hours’ individual advice for businesses)

Defining a strategy and improving the business’s internal management by incorporating innovation. Each business taking part in the training will be given two hours of customised advice.

1.2 Reducing your business’s energy expenses (2 hours)

Finding out how to detect the potential for your business’s energy improvements and how to choose the cheapest power and rate.

1.3 Reducing waste: a benefit for your business and neighbourhood (2 hours)

Discovering solutions for avoiding the collapse of the waste system, with environmental and financial advantages, and doing all that through practical options.


2.1 Gimp and Snapsed. Sharing images on social networks and the internet. (6 hours)

Achieving technical expertise for creating legitimate visual digital content for social networks and being able to disseminate it correctly.

2.2 Your image is important. Learn how to design your logo with Inkscape! (3 hours)

Designing a logo with professional quality ready for publication on the website, by using open code software (free).

2.3 Turning Facebook into your best sales ally. Beginner’s level (6 hours)

Opportunities Facebook offers for improving promotions, learning about the competition, finding audiences more easily and following digital trends for better selling.

2.4 Learning more about Facebook to improve your sales. Advanced level (3 hours)

Delving deeply into the opportunities that Facebook offers for improving brand management in the digital world. Equipping boots that enable better customer care.

2.5 Direct telephone messages for your customers that will help you to sell more (3 hours)

Learning how to generate messages aimed at customers and what media to use. Defining a good Newsletter strategy.

2.6 How to manage a successful business brand on Instagram. Beginner’s level (3 hours)

Discovering business accounts and learning how to manage publications to be visible on Instagram.

2.7 Getting the most out of Instagram as a business tool. Advanced level (3 hours)

Managing tools and applications for working in and promoting Instagram. Discovering strategies and developing opportunities that digital spaces have for business.

2.8 WhatsApp My Business: the best way to connect to your customers. (3 hours)

Benefiting from the trend to use WhatsApp to find possible customers, assist them and sell through this ‘new’ social network.

2.9 Connect to your public with Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin (3 hours)

Discover Twitter and types of user, Pinterest for business and Linkedin for promoting the use of personal brands.

2.10 Have your customers find you through Google My Business. Beginner’s level (3 hours)

Google My Business changes, opportunities that it offers through its tools. Creating publications to improve positioning.

2.11 Google My Business: promoting your business directly. Advanced level (3 hours)

Geolocating is an opportunity for your business to stand out smartly. Discover how to boost customer loyalty and find new commercial opportunities.

2.12 Developing an effective online promotion strategy. (3 hours)

Discovering the opportunities of publishing online for promoting businesses and measuring the results of the investments made.

2.13 Google Analytics for beginners: opportunities and good practices. (3 hours)

Creating a Google Analytics account and discovering all the opportunities that this platform has for improving your website.

2.14 Create your website with a free blog that can be adapted to any device (6 hours)

Learning how to create a website to make your business visible on the internet or, if it already is, adding a blog to dynamise the main website.

2.15 Create your online shop with woocommerce (6 hours)

Learning how to create an online shop with woocommerce, to sell your products online.

2.16 Position your website on Google (6 hours)

Discover the ideal mechanisms and tools for positioning a website, making it ‘SEO Friendly’ and generating friendly content for Google.

2.17 How to reach your subscribers through online newsletters (3 hours)

Learning how to create an online newsletter and carrying out email marketing. Boosting customer loyalty to the brand or business and generating visibility on the business.

2.18 Expand the sale of your products through Marketplaces. (3 hours)

Using the most popular Marketplaces for disseminating and selling your products online, by achieving new geographical sales areas.

2.19 How is the GDPR’s new regulation affecting us? (3 hours)

Discovering which responsibilities, rights and obligations are important for online commercial activities. (This will involve a practical)


3.1 Local business: shop windows to amaze and enchant (3 hours’ training in person and 2 hours’ individual advice for businesses)

Capture your customers’ attention and boost your sales point through your shop window and communicate a brand idea or concept effectively, to increase sales. Each business taking part in the training will be given two hours of customised advice.

3.2 Business trends: your sales point (3 hours’ training in person and 2 hours’ individual advice for businesses)

Discover the visual-merchandising techniques and strategies applied to sales points. Visual communication, interior design and space dynamisation. Each business taking part in the training will be given two hours of customised advice.

3.3 Shop windows and establishments from pedestrian points of view (3 hours + 3 hours on a shop-window route)

Learning how to incorporate shop-window and visual merchandising techniques for improving sales points by creating and analysing shops through the shop-window route