Raima and Barret Addictes receive Barna Centre's Rosa de Plata Prizes

2019 - 27th Edition of the Rosa de Plata Prizes. The Barna Centre jury has awarded the prize to Raima for its remodelled headquarters and to Barret Addictes as a newly established shop, together with Cruyff Store.



Raima and Barret Addictes are the winners of the 27th edition of the Rosa de Plata Prizes, awarded to shops in the centre of Barcelona by the Barna Centre Association. Cruyff Store won the prize for a newly established shop. The awards are presented to the best newly-established commercial initiatives and renovated shops. They also recognise individuals and shops with links to the Barri Gòtic.

This year’s prize for best renovation of a shop went to the stationer’s Raima, located on Carrer Comtal 27, which has become the biggest in Europe since its renovation. Situated in a 16th-century building, Raima has been remodelled and extended to 6 floors. It now has escalators and more natural light in its interior. A leading Barcelona establishment.

“Instinto”, at Carrer Banys Nous 22, received a special mention from the jury in the renovation category. This women’s fashion shop is run by a team of 15 women and sells its own creations manufactured in Catalonia. Sustainable fashion in local commerce.

Best commercial initiative

The “Rosa de Plata” Prize for best commercial initiative went to Barret Addictes, at Carrer de les Moles 14. The shop sells handmade, classic and contemporary hats, with a workshop open to customers. The shop is helping to revitalise Carrer de les Moles.

Cruyff Store received the prize for newly established shop. It sells sports clothes and footwear under the name of the famous FC Barcelona player and manager. It is also helping to re-establish the Catalan brand Meyba, in an interior featuring items, photographs and mementos from Barça’s history.

ONECowork, at Carrer Estruc 9, received a special mention for remodelling its six-storey building and for its business model, a work area open to start-ups, businesses and freelancers.

Special mentions

The jury gave special mentions to the runner-up establishments in the 2018 newly established shops category, citing their innovation and quality:

  • Salmón 2000: a shop specialising in mountain and fishing products, located at Carrer Petritxol 12.
  • Villa del Arte Gallery: a contemporary painting and sculpture gallery on Carrer de la Palla 10.
  • Gelarto Rosa: a shop selling home-made ice cream, where the artistic presentation of their products offers added value. At Carrer Tapineria 6.
  • Koker: a women’s fashion shop, where the emphasis is on quality, design and affordable prices. Located at Carrer Comtal 13.
  • Rituals: a women’s and men’s cosmetics shop that opts for natural products for the benefit of its customers. At Portal de l’Àngel 36.

Recognition for organisations and individuals with links to the Barri Gòtic

Meanwhile, in recognition of organisations and individuals with links to the Barri Gòtic, Barna Centre awarded the actor Enric Majó a prize, for his ties to the Barri Gòtic as a resident and the world of culture; to the Miret family for the 100th anniversary of the Miret Sala d’Art, at Carrer Petritxol 7, and to the Casals family, for the 100th anniversary of Estamperia Sant Josep, at Carrer dels Boters 7. The jury recognises both shops for their commitment to commerce and their human touch, as well as for promoting quality commerce with close links to the area.



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