The Bookmark Prize will be handed out this coming 2 April for the 2018-2019 edition’s winning drawings

Bookmarks Prize for 2018-2019. A total of 6,946 students from 52 of Barcelona's schools took part by entering their drawings. Some 500,000 copies of the 14 winning works will be published and distributed to shops on Sant Jordi / St George's day.

The latest edition of the Bookmark Prize (2018-2019), an activity that forms part of the “Commerce and Schools” educational programme, takes place this 2 April with the awards ceremony for the winning drawings. Children from 52 of the city’s schools took part in the call for entries this 2018-2019 school year.

The prize is presented in recognition of the drawings made by students with local commerce as the central subject matter and expressed through artistic language. The winning drawings are published in bookmark format, with up to 500,000 of them distributed across the city’s commercial hubs and associations on Sant Jordi / St George’s day.

This 2018-2019 school-year edition saw 6,946 students take part by entering their drawings. The designs reflect the vision children and young people have of the city’s commerce.

The jury met up in February to choose the winners from the drawings entered. The selection criteria were creativity, artistic technique used and appropriateness for the proposed concept: the city’s commerce. The jury chose 14 drawings, highlighting the enormous creativity and artistic diversity in the compositions and congratulating the entrant’s teachers for getting the works to successfully capture the required concept of local commerce.

This coming 23 April the new bookmarks will be handed out to the public at the city’s commercial establishments, in collaboration with retailers.