"The petit rusc", neighborhood trade, commitment to the future and entrepreneurship

EL PETIT RUSC. The store, opened a year ago in the heart of Sant Andreu, sells items for newborns and children, as well as activities for parents and children.



The store, opened a year ago in the heart of Sant Andreu, sells items for newborns and children, as well as activities for parents and children. A trade that promotes the values ​​of the family and education. Eixos Barcelona 2017 Award for young talent.

A year ago, two sisters, Anna Maria and Sandra, decided to open a small store in the heart of Sant Andreu – “El Petit rusc” – after studying in depth what they could offer to their clients that was not found in any other establishment of the neighborhood. Located on Calle Rubén Darío 27, near Gran Sant Andreu Street, the store recently won the “Eixos BCN 2017” award for “young talent”, awarded by the Barcelona Comerç Foundation.

The award recognizes the work of merchants associated with the commercial axes, as in this case the Sant Andreu, who are under 40, have opted for proximity trade as a life project, are part of the associative world of their neighborhood and that their experience be a source of inspiration, daring, commitment to the future and entrepreneurship. In addition, the “good initiative to integrate the values ​​of family, education and leisure in a present and future project” was valued.

“Sant Andreu is very special, the neighbors like to go shopping in the neighborhood shops,” the two sisters agree. It is one of the reasons why they chose this place. The other is that they live near their parents. “El petit rusc” is a store for articles for newborns and older children, from 0 to 6 years old (shortly until 8 and 9 years old), where you can buy toys, many of them made with wood, bibs or products from cosmetic, for example. In addition, in the store there are activities for children and for their parents as talks about breastfeeding, psychomotricity, music, food … where families can participate.

Experience and family help

Anna Maria had experience in her work at a children’s school in the same neighborhood, a fact that served as a guide when deciding on a specific commercial activity. Her sister Sandra joined the project and with the help of their partners and their parents, they made the decision to go on with their idea. They studied what was necessary in the neighborhood in the commercial area and discarded other activities, such as food and, in general, all that type of commerce that already has a large presence in the neighborhood. In addition to the values ​​of education and the family, they also added that the products for sale were ecological, handcrafted and if they could be of proximity, better.

“We believe that we need a change in education, that the tools of the game have to go beyond pressing buttons and see what happens, it is necessary to promote the imagination”, says Anna Maria about the values ​​they promote.

First, they trained their customers with the residents of Sant Andreu. The fact of being active in the world of social networks and the activities they do helped them to win customers in other neighboring cities such as Badalona or Ripollet. On a day-to-day basis, as they emphasize, they have dedicated themselves to creating personal links with all of their clients, who are mostly mothers of children. A neighborhood trade, proximity, thanks to networks and mouth to ear, have begun to expand its range of influence.

And they have only been working for a year … For this reason, when asked about the future, the first thing that stands out is the satisfaction of having arrived where they are right now. They are very clear that their business and their work as traders is part of a future project. “We are not here to try, our idea is to continue working for many years until I retire,” says Anna Maria. The award? “A surprise! We did not imagine it,” they say.