Rambla de Catalunya

Friendly boulevard, quality shopping

The Rambla de Catalunya is one of the most central and charming streets in our city. An elegant street full of peerless shopping offers.

The lime trees that accompany it from Plaça Catalunya up to Diagonal provide it with a unique aspect throughout the city while its characteristic sculptures, El toro Assegut a Gran Via and La Girafa Coqueta, two works by Josep Granyer, help to give this beautiful street its artistic and distinctive flavour.

We can also see a beautiful Modernista building by the architect Puig i Cadafalch and which is the current headquarters for the Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputació). We must not forget that Rambla Catalunya houses tall Modernista buildings that give it elegance and sobriety, so when we stroll along the Rambla Catalunya it is interesting to raise our eyes and contemplate their beautiful decorative elements.

But the Rambla Catalunya is also commercial street, with shops for every walk of life and with family and home-grown businesses that give it a local feel which the big shopping brands have been gradually supplanting. The Rambla Catalunya, however, is much more than all that, it is also a place for leisure, were we can find a wide range of top-class food offers and its characteristic terrace cafés where you can take a meal or simply have a drink.

The Rambla Catalunya i Travessers Hub also includes the streets that cross the Rambla Catalunya from C/ Balmes to Passeig de Gracia, giving it a huge range of shopping offers aimed at the entire public.

To sum up, then, the Rambla Catalunya i Travessers is a street belonging to and loved by Barcelona's residents and visitors alike.


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