Barcelona Cultura

Coópolis. Ateneu Cooperatiu de Barcelona

Coòpolis, a Cooperative Ateneu in Barcelona, is an instrument for the development and promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy of the city. As part of Catalonia’s Network of Cooperative Ateneus, its main focus is the creation of new cooperatives and also jobs in those that already exist.

By combining the resources of the territory, public administrations and organisations from Barcelona’s social and solidarity economy, Coòpolis seeks to become a benchmark space for people and entities seeking training and support during the process of establishing new cooperative initiatives.

Located in the Can Batlló neighbourhood complex, Coòpolis promotes a socioeconomic and educational ecosystem that strives to create employment and generate social impact. It is a laboratory for intercooperation and the strengthening of the local economy, and also a tool for building cooperative cities: the new territories of economic, social and solidarity cooperation.

The project’s promotional team is made up of the La Ciutat Invisible and Lacol cooperatives, and by the association behind the Impuls Cooperatiu de Sants.