Barcelona Cultura

La Tremenda

As a cooperative, La Tremenda is focused on cultural and social management and communication. It started with a mission to provide a meeting point for cooperativism and the world of culture, which allows us to investigate the new relationships that have formed between the professionals who make up the cooperative and with the various projects it has been involved in.

La Tremenda bases its contribution to cultural ecosystems on the fact that cultural experiences and communities must go hand in hand, backed up by the firm belief that communication is an essential tool for lending visibility to projects and surrounding them with communities that know, recognise and support them.

La Tremenda believes in a grassroots, horizontal, democratic and equal opportunities culture that will allow for the development of a critical view of the world and generate emancipated thought. It is committed to executing its projects through the integration of a feminist, anti-racist and cooperative perspective that enhances these values in the contexts in which it intervenes.