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The Artibarri network is made up of around twenty entities and professionals who work on the development of cultural community-action projects. Artibarri was founded in 2003, as a result of the curiosity of several people and entities regarding community work, the youth collective and citizenship engagement.

Among other initiatives, it has developed European projects, conferences and training programmes related to community culture, cultural politics and the arts. Artibarri has also conducted research on community culture, participation and sustainability in local projects, and developed the first framework for community art subsidies for the Generalitat de Catalunya.

A diverse range of profiles and initiatives exists among its constituent entities, including working with young people and ICT, community video and educommunication, public space and the recovery of community memories, citizen participation and methodologies of involvement and intercultural mediation, community theatre or theatre of the oppressed , and cultural production and curation.

The structure of the network is organic, democratic and egalitarian to allow it to promote and exercise the same values as the entities that it is comprised of: intersectionality, plural and inclusive participation, equality in the distribution of resources, and social and political transformation as a result of experimental, popular, grassroots and community culture.

It currently manages actions like the Cultural Policies And Commons research project in collaboration with La Hidra; the initiative that organised Barcelona’s first Fair of Art, Culture, Creation and Community (FACC&COM) within a period of three years; the dynamisation of activities related to the culture of Community Energies; and the sixth edition of the Artistic Practices, Participation and Social Change training programme, as well as other in-depth modules.

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