With over one hundred years of history, the municipal statistics unit, together with the analysis and public opinion surveys departments and, with the creation of the data management and integration area, have formed, since February 2018 the Municipal Data Office (OMD).

Our mission is to promote a more efficient data management model, improve its governance, establish a shared strategic vision in all data projects, align technological tools to use needs, and incorporate and develop data analytics (Data Science) within the Barcelona City Council.

Our values are:

Ethics, guaranteeing the adequate use of the data with special attention to avoid establishing biases due to gender, origin, or any other personal characteristic.

Privacy, working with the Office of the Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance with regulations, while limiting the purpose of the treatment and minimizing the data used.

Responsibility, ensuring the purpose in the use of the data.

Transparency, as a tool for verification and control by citizens.

Dissemination, working for the promotion and communication of analysis, reuse of data (Open Data), tools and developments (FOSS) that ensure maximum return to citizens.


Press release OMD creation


OMD in 10 minutes

Màrius Boada i Pla, OMD's Chief Data Officer explains the origin and creation of the Office. He also describes the new competencies that are being worked on: governance, analytics, data lake management and the development of new ways of dissemination, thanks to current tools.

On the other hand, he talks about the main task of the Office, which consists of helping the different departments of the City Council to have data and analytical capacity to take strategic decisions based on evidence for improving the citizen’s life.


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