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Barcelona is promoting a new innovation challenge to improve the liveability and energy performance of housing in Barcelona, through new materials and/or new uses of existing materials, new technology and new designs. 

A moment from the City Leadership Forum held in Barcelona.

The City Leadership Forum is being held at Ca l’Alier on 8 and 9 June, offering a meeting of experts in digitisation and urban innovation from different cities to discuss digitisation as a tool for improving people’s quality of life. The meeting includes round tables, activities on innovation and technology, digital rights and cybersecurity.

Roof with vegetation in the Fàbrica del Sol.

The aim of the awards is to recognise and disseminate innovative and inspiring initiatives in a variety of sectors (in the fields of business, social, communication and education) to help achieve our city’s sustainable development goals.

A woman picks up the laptop provided by Connectem Barcelona

“Connectem Barcelona” aims to reduce the digital gap among vulnerable families in Trinitat Nova (Nou Barris). During the first stage, 277 people received support, and now have a quality laptop and a solid Internet connection. Twenty-four information sessions were also organised, along with visits to the Cibernàrium and training support.

Presentation of the report on the ethics of AI in politics during the Smar City Expo 2021.

During the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, the Global Observatory of Urban AI (GOUAI) presented its newly published report “AI Ethics in policy and action: city governance of algorithmic-decision systems”, which aims to set an ethical framework to guide cities’ applications of algorithmic decision systems.

Barcelona City Council Pavilion at the Smart City Expo 2021

At this international showcase, Barcelona highlights its commitment to digital innovation as a tool for building the future through 44 projects that are enabling us to advance towards a more sustainable, connected and socially cohesive city.

Imatge oficial Smart City Expo 2020

We envision an inclusive digital future. More ethical, more collaborative, more transparent. For everybody.

Discover here how we are building Barcelona's future with the projects we are presenting at the Smart City Expo 2021.

Ca l'Alier, headquarters of the BIT Habitat Foundation

We live in a new climate of uncertainty on a global scale, and this has a particular impact on cities. The questions have changed and we are now forced to innovate in our responses. In this context of transformation, Barcelona is equipping itself with a new government measure to drive innovation in public services and governance processes, and to speed up innovation for and in the city.

A moment from the first political meeting of the Coalition of Cities for Digital Rights

The Digital Rights Governance Framework, a roadmap for the governance of digital rights in the urban sphere, was launched at the first Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (CC4DR) policy meeting in Amsterdam on 14-15 October. It will be published on 10 December, International Human Rights Day.

 Laia Bonet visits the restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres

Four schools and a restaurant are taking part in “Barcelona Revolta’t”, a project from the subsidy call “La ciutat proactiva 2020” which seeks to implement the decentralised management of organic waste.

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