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1st ‘Impulsem el que fas’ Day of experiences

The goal of the first session of experiences from the ‘Impulsem el que fas’ initiative, organised by Barcelona Activa, was to share and benefit from the knowledge and experiences gained from the projects, as well as exchange learning and promote potential alliances.

The session was very well attended with nearly a hundred organisations and companies subsidies in all categories participating in a variety of activities, enabling them to convey their opinions and put forward ideas for improving the subsidies and the way they work.

 The entities also took part in activities designed to prompt interaction between them, the idea being to exchange experiences and expertise to promote potential alliances and collaboration.


‘Digital social innovation ‘ category

Impulsem el que fas’ is a subsidy offered by Barcelona City Council to help develop the economic fabric of the city’s neighbourhoods and districts, with funding of up to 80% of the budget for the projects.

The two previous editions in 2017 and 2018 saw an overall investment of 5.2 million euros in 218 different projects, with 2,300 people and 350 companies benefiting from this.

In the ‘“Digital social innovation’ category, sixteen projects received subsidies worth a total of over 500,000 euros. You can find out more about the completed pilot projects from the 2017 edition and the projects starting to get under way from the 2018 edition here.

The 2019 call, the third edition of these subsidies, is due to be published at the end of April.

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