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Alliance with MareNostrum to encourage science careers among girls

The MareNostrum supercomputer and the music group Macedònia have teamed up to bring children into greater contact with science and technology, particularly girls. The aim is to spark more interest in science, technology and research, and to reduce the gender divide in this field.


The promotional science project ‘Som investigadores’ will reach around six thousand primary school pupils in the city, enabling them to visit the MareNostrum supercomputer as part of circuit specially designed to get girls into contact with technology. The visits start in October and will be offered throughout the 2018-2019 school year, conducted by educators and featuring half a dozen activities to introduce pupils to the field of supercomputers.


The project was presented to city schools with some special help from the music group Macedònia, who have put together a video clip entitled MareNostrum, dedicated to the supercomputer and intended to spark interest in science, technology and research among girls.


Due to its twofold aim of getting children to engage with science and at the same time bridging the gender divide, this programme featuring the MareNostrum supercomputer has been built into the Barcelona Science Plan, a municipal initiative to boost the city’s research and innovation ecosystem. One of the strategy areas in the plan is to bolster STEAM programmes, promoting science vocations in schools and colleges with guidance from researchers themselves.


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