Barcelona City Council Pavilion at the Smart City Expo 2021

Barcelona is using digital innovation to improve people’s lives, something we’ll be explaining at the Smart City Expo

At the international showcase, the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021 (16-18 November), Barcelona highlights its commitment to digital innovation as a tool for building the future and the roadmap for the Barcelona Green Deal, the city’s new vision and strategy in preparation for 2030.

 The City Council’s stand will explain how Barcelona is using digital innovation to improve people’s lives, creating bigger opportunities for progress and advancing towards a more sustainable, connected and socially cohesive city through 44 city projects.  Eight physical elements relating to these projects are also on display:

  • Electric Bicing module
  • Endolla electric-vehicle charging station
  • Refrigeration cupboards module in municipal markets for collecting purchases
  • Guàrdia Urbana [city police] electric motorcycle
  • MES Barcelona photovoltaic solar panel
  • Drone for monitoring beach capacities
  • Touch-screen for Check Barcelona app
  • Vertical screen for Smou app

The stand will feature talks, discussions and presentations throughout the congress. See the programme here.


Window to the world for fifteen enterprises

This year, the stand will once again be a window to the world for fifteen selected small and medium-size enterprises that Barcelona Activa is helping and supporting.  The selection committee considered the level of innovation of the service or product within the smart cities sector, its internationalisation possibilities and the degree of maturity and integration of the product or service into the market, as well as its previous and current development of solutions for the city of Barcelona.

The fifteen enterprises represented in the space are: Aldebaran, AonChip, Capmar, Circulrsound, Ctrl4 Enviro, EOS Connectivity, Iniciativa Barcelona OpenData, Iquadrat, Lobelia, Lovelymaps, Moba, Simbim, SmartDataSystem, Thingtia and Yupcharge.

The SMEs chosen employ 149 workers overall and reached a turnover of 8,600,000 euros in 2020. These enterprises offer solutions in areas such as mobility and transport, water-use and air-quality monitoring, data democratisation, renewable energies and waste management.




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