BCN Ciutat Digital

Barcelona: productive, open and democratic city

Barcelona City Council is taking part in the In(3D)ustry fair and the IOT World Congress to help the digital revolution improve quality of life in the city and create opportunities for local talent.    


The ‘Barcelona: productive, open and democratic city’ stand at the In(3D)ustry trade fair presents unique initiatives offering a new vision, where technology and digital manufacturing mainly work as tools for transforming and improving people’s lives and sustainability in cities. Similarly, the stand at the IOT World Congress introduces the ‘Barcelona, Digital City’ plan with an interactive large-format multimedia presentation.


The initiatives form part of the ‘Barcelona, Digital City’ plan for transition to technological sovereignty, jointly promoted by Barcelona Activa and the Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation. The plan is intended to foster the inclusion of citizens and organisations from the digital economy, to support technology-based enterprise, to drive projects and processes to re-industrialise the manufacturing network, to boost technological advances for local production and more.


The ‘Barcelona: productive, open and democratic city’ stand features four projects chosen from participants in the Call for Makers initiative, a call for digital social innovation projects by independent groups and makers, in keeping with the concept of productive, open and democratic cities. The stand covers four different sectors, with a project illustrating the initiatives being carried out in each one.


Advanced manufacturing will be represented by the city’s fab athenaeums, while the biomedical research sector will be represented by DIYbio Barcelona, a group of scientific researchers who develop lab biology in a garage. Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be represented by The Things Network, a global network of open, independent and self-managing sensors. Finally, circular food cultivation will be represented by Aquapioneers, an initiative which uses a conventional 50 litre fish tank to cultivate plants with a system combining aquaculture and hydroponics, connecting to a soil free grow-tray.