Laia Bonet visits the restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres
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“Barcelona Revolta’t”: direct and circular management of organic waste at four schools and a restaurant

“Barcelona, revolta’t”, one of the projects to receive funds from the innovation subsidy call “La ciutat proactiva 2020”, has set up a decentralised management system for organic waste at five locations, to recycle it and turn it into compost, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the system.

Besides promoting the direct and circular management of organic waste and the production of compost for growing food, the initiative places value on people’s environmental awareness and the recycling habits of participating communities at four schools and a restaurant:

•          Escola Auró (l’Eixample)

•          Escola Provençals (Sant Martí)

•          Escola Nou Patufet (Gràcia)

•          Escola Pia Balmes (l’Eixample)

•          Restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres

The composting and waste application process at these collection points is carried out with an electromechanical composting device and the collaboration of the ecological cooperative Ecomaresme.

The Third Deputy Mayor, Laia Bonet, recently visited two of the collection points, the Escola Nou Patufet and the restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres, where she saw the machine in action and gained a first-hand insight into the corresponding educational project developed by the school, as well as the environmental benefits of installing it at the restaurant.

The project leads to savings in terms of costs, it cuts down on the amount of waste, and it reduces the environmental impact of these large dining halls.

“Barcelona Revolta’t” is the result of collaboration between the cooperative Tarpuna and Barcelona City Council, through the Fundació BIT Habitat. It has received a subsidy of 80,000 euros.

Find out more about the project in this video (Catalan).


“La ciutat proactiva”: subsidies for innovation with a social impact

“Barcelona Revolta’t” is one of the six winning projects in the first edition of the subsidy call “La ciutat proactiva, i ara?”, launched last year in the middle of the pandemic with the goal of speeding up the process of recovery from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 health emergency.

Projects had to provide a response to two different urban challenges: in the socio-economic sphere the goal was to boost the local economy, and in the environmental sphere, to improve sustainability and urban resilience.

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